Network Installation Services

Provides high quality IT system design and installation services for today’s demanding data, voice, wireless, video, and security applications.

Wireless Install/Configuration

Experts at setting up computer networks. Whether you have a traditional wired network or you require an advanced wireless environment, we know what to do. We also ensure that only the people you want on your network are able to connect. We able to provide you with a customized secure network specific to the requirements of your small business.

Network Assessment

We can take a look at your existing infrastructure and conduct a thorough assessment of your company’s needs to provide you with a framework for better decision making. We can help you understand the best technology options your business needs. And give you specific and actionable recommendations to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Virus Removal

Malicious software (malware – viruses, Trojans, rootkits, etc.) is pervasive these days. Despite your best efforts, despite keeping your anti-virus paid up, despite keeping it all up to date… viruses still make it through! Its what they do. When you find yourself in the grips of a persistent intractable virus, and you just KNOW you’re in over your head, that’s when you call us in. We’ve seen it all. And we have the tools, the experience and the “know how” to deal with all of it.

Business IT Services

Remote management and on-site technical support. Server maintenance and advanced desktop diagnostics. Network security and server-based nightly whole-hard-drive backup systems. We have monthly service plans to ensure your business achieves the reliability and availability you require. Call for a quote today.


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